About LEEP

Board Members

Sheila Reynolds President
Adam Macho - Vice President
Chet Anderson - Treasurer
Julie Hudrlik - Secretary
Abby Higginbotham - Past President
Lisa Hoffman Wojcik - Executive Director

Jill Hilgers                       Peter Backes
Joe Huber                        Steven Groschen
Nate Lotton                    Matthew Aiken      Mary Jo Menden

Leisure Education for Exceptional People, Inc. (LEEP) enriches lives through inclusive education, recreation and healthy living opportunities. Our programs are designed to enhance the quality of life for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Special Event - Whacky Bear 2017

Who participates in LEEP?

LEEP serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities over the age of eight years, however the agency’s largest population are adults.  Participants may live independently, in a group home, an adult foster care setting, with family members or in a supervised living situation. Approximately 850 people in the greater Mankato area area who participate in LEEP programs throughout the year, many of whom participate on a weekly basis.

LEEP Goals

  1. Offer recreation programs that enhance the quality of life for people with

  2. Teach lifelong leisure skills.

  3. Assist with inclusion of participants into existing community programs.

  4. Increase community awareness of people of all abilities.