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Once you have all the necessary forms completed and are a current member of LEEP, registering for programs is easy.  For additional information regarding our policies, please see Participant Policies.



Membership and Forms

To get involved in LEEP's Programs, all individuals must become a member and complete a LEEP Registration Form. To become a member, each participant must complete a LEEP Membership Form and pay a small yearly Membership fee. Once an individual becomes a member, they will need to complete a Registration Form that LEEP will keep on file. This form provides LEEP with basic background information on each participant as well as emergency contact information. Please fill this form out completely and return as soon as possible to LEEP. To obtain a copy of the Membership and Registration Forms please call or stop by LEEP or print one of the forms in the orange box to the right.


Background Information

Leisure Education for Exceptional People, Inc. (LEEP) enriches lives through inclusive education, recreation and healthy living opportunities. Our programs are designed to enhance the quality of life for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

LEEP offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of our participants. The following is a list of program categories under which numerous activities are offered: Special Olympic Sports, Night Activities, Clubs, Special Events, Summer Rec Program, Teen Rec, and All-Inclusive Vacations.