Blogging...... Why Now?

So you might be wondering, why is LEEP starting up their blog again?  I mean really, who blogs anymore…..? 

Well, we do!!

Some of the best insight into the world of nonprofits is shared through the blogosphere. I’ve read some great stories, been moved and motivated to keep going and found new ways of doing things to keep LEEP moving in the right direction. After mulling over the possibilities I decided this is a new way for us to share our message.   

We are going to be using this blog as a way for you to better know each of us individually and each of us will be taking turns sharing insights from our unique perspectives within the organization. We’ll be able to share our thoughts, answer questions, and facilitate conversations in a much easier space. There will even be inviting guest bloggers to share their thoughts and ideas from time to time to enrich our voice.  

I would invite you to join us as we start this new journey and to follow along on at your leisure. You never know, we might just teach you something you never knew, you didn’t know!