Dietitian Daina's January Healthy Living Tips

January is a month most people look at as a month of new beginnings. New Year resolutions are in full swing, we are all moving on from the holidays, and of course tax season is looming over the future months. All of these beginnings signify the ending of a chapter of life. It is important to spend time reflecting on the endings so that we can adequately adjust to the beginnings that are upon us. Below are some tips to do just this:

1.       Take a day to go through the house or your room and pack up any clutter, memorabilia, or clothes that coincide with the previous year that you will not be using in the next six months. Mark the box and put it in storage. Set a reminder on your calendar for six months from the date you pack it away. At that six month mark if you still won’t be using the items donate them or toss them otherwise they can take up extra unnecessary space in your life.

2.       Sit down and reflect about the top 10 most momentous memories you have of the previous year. Journal about why they were momentous and how they impacted your life. Keep this journal and every year go back to this journal and repeat this cycle. This allows for extra closure on the previous year and a way for us to look back year after year at the development in our lives.

3.       Set one new goal each year that reflects a change you made in the previous year. For example; If you worked on your finances during the year and created a monthly budget for yourself a goal for the New Year would be to remain on track with your new financial budget.

4.       If you made a resolution at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve now is the time to put together steps towards that resolution. Sit down and determine at least three steps and a time line to attain the resolution you created. Setting smaller steps or goals to reach a resolution can increase the chances of success and ignite excitement of the new journey.


Given that January is about new beginnings, I have a nutrition challenge for each of you. This is a challenge I have made for myself in my own life. I have found that most of eat the same foods over and over and we get stuck in a rut. I challenge each of you to try one new food each month this year and write to me to tell me about your experiences.

Here is an example of the new foods I tried and my thoughts on them for 2015:

1.       Deep fried Milky Way from the state fair- YUCK! Never to cross my lips again

2.       Honey ice cream-It was thick but delicious

3.       Dehydrated green bean chips with wasabi- LOVE at first taste

4.       Grapple- An apple that tasted like a grape, not my favorite but interesting

5.       Sashimi- Did not dislike it or like it but most likely will not eat it again

6.       I learned how to make my own sushi so I tried all different kinds of it- So yummy

7.       Pickled Herring- Nope, nope, and more nope

8.       Sweet Pickled beets- Not too bad

9.       Shark meat- very interesting but given the state I live in, most likely not going on the grocery list

10.   Cheese curds- Crazy but this lady had never eaten deep fried cheese and I LOVED it