Dreaded Paperwork

Imagine calling an athlete to inform them they can't participate in their sport's tournament.  I ALWAYS dread making these phone calls, especially when it is such a preventable situation.  The stress and heart-ache it gives the athletes is unnecessary.  The solution is as simple as meeting deadlines.  Meeting these deadlines with the correct paperwor that ensures safet yand participation of the athlete.  Theses froms are not meant to be busy work.  They are so importatnt to ensure athlete's safety and help keep the athletes healthy and able to compete!  Without the details that paperwork provides, an athlete can be in a detrimental situation.  The forms provide explicit detials if the athlete has allergies, phobias, epilepsy, a syndrome and a thorough description of their disability.  Not only are these personal bios given, these forms provide doctor's consent to play and validates the health of the athlete.  

So, to avoid the heart break of everyone involved, bringing paperwork to the yearly physical will help exponenetially!