Freezin' for a Reason

As Minnesotans, we have an obligation to do crazy stuff during our wonderful winters, such as, jumping into a frozen lake!  Whether it is done by a dare or by a person's Minneosta blood, there are always those great winter wonderland stories!  Guess what!!!! LEEP has a way for you to live up to the Minnesota Pride standard and it is by joining our 2016 Polar Plunge team!  We are jumping SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 at Hallet's Pond in St. Peter, MN and I am so ready to be FREEZIN' for a REASON! Not only is this experience life changing for myself, but reflecting on the difference I am making is what is truly life changing.  The funds raised help support LEEP Special Olympic Athletes by going toward transportation costs to tournaments, registrations fees, jerseys, equipment, practice rental fees, etc... Just to break down some estimated tournament costs:

  • A bus rental can be $1,500-$3,000, especially when we have to travel 120+ miles for State competitions
  • Wheelchair accessible van rentals- $250+ depending on miles traveled and days rented
  • $1,000 for new jerseys (which we only choose one sport per year and ALL sports need them desperately)
  • $20 registration fee per athlete per tournament and $15 per coach/unified partner
  • 2-day tournaments need 20 hotel rooms which can range anywhere from $80-$120 per hotel room
  • $500 to replace broken equipment
  • And of couse, the random expenses that pop up everywhere

With your help, we can help cut these costs for athletes.  They work hard at their jobs to be able to participate in Special Olympics and expand their hobbies, but on average, athletes make $80 per pay period, which can make covering the expenses for Special Olympics very taxing.  The rewards from your help and donation will be something like you have never experienced.  By helping LEEP, you will touch the lives of so many Special Olympic athletes.  

So, if you are ready to live up to the high standard of a Minnesotan, don't freeze up now!  Take the plunge and get registered or donate NOW!!!!!!!!!

Follow this link: There are so many ways to be involved, so if you aren't feeling  like jumping into the frozen lake, you can still sell raffle tickets (which 100% of proceeds come right back to LEEP).  Who doesn't want to win a  full year of  FREE gas?!?!  Shoot me an email  ( and  I can get you all set up with a packet or even get you hooked up with a few tickets with your name on it! :)  Check out the prizes here. And get all the steps for registering here. PLUS, if you are a plunger with LEEP, we have a fun day planned that has a "warm-up" event at Buster's before the plunge with free transportation to and from Hallet's pond  with the whole team (which is totally optional, but highly encouraged because it will be super fun).  Feel free to contact me anytime and let's get your Minneosta Pride on and get FREEZIN' for a REASON!!!!!!!!