What's in a miracle?

If you go home this evening and turn on the 5 o'clock news, there's a good chance you will catch a story on Pope Francis and his trek across the east coast impacting hearts, minds, and souls of Americans. I cannot help but bump into stories on the web describing how he stops the 'Pope-mobile' to bless individuals with disabilities... and this story has stuck with me...

No one can be sure if this truly was a miracle... but let's cast aside our cynicism for just a moment and let ourselves believe miracles do exist. What if there was a magic which could cure diseases? What if there were powers out there strong enough to fill hungry tummies with one meal? What if there was a force so strong swept away disaster and rebuilt shelters?... What if.

I must say miracles do exist. Miracles are happening everywhere you look in our community. Miracles are the programs and services for those in need. A miracle is a business telling you they want to sponsor your first year event because they believe in your mission. A miracle is a community member stopping into your office and wanting to be a board member, because they see something they want to be a part of. Miracles are teens waiting for your van to pick them up after school, because they know you care about them and make them feel important. 

During my time at LEEP, I have witnessed so many miracles. While they might not seem so miraculous to others, to me they were acts of kindness, thought, and intention with no motive or reward. I watch staff and volunteers put in long hours discussing new program ideas, ways to make transportation available for participants, and telling stories of victories, heartache, and new friendships. I've watched someone chase a dream for the organization for eight years and watch it start to unfold in front of their eyes...

Our community is filled with miracle-makers, whether you see it or not. In the movie the Santa Clause, Elf Judy says, "Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing." My final hope for all of you is to keep believing you can make a difference. It probably sounds a little cliche and cheesy, but what is life without a little cheese? Have faith in your neighbors, and work together to keep making miracles... Chances are, you're going to need one someday, too. 

Until next time, LEEPers