State Unified VolleyballWhen you think of the word unified, what comes to mind?

Blogging...... Why Now?

So you might be wondering, why is LEEP starting up their blog again?  I mean really, who blogs anymore…..? 

Well, we do!!

Campus Fair Recruiting: Volunteer Speed Dating

Today I was at a Campus and Community Fair pedaling my many volunteer opportunities to college students who, let's face it, are looking for freebies during their lunch hour. I can remember thinking back to my undergraduate days during the campus fairs when I would scope out the different vendors and organizations and think to myself, "Alright... I gotta' get back to the right corner for the free pizza, scoot between the lines to avoid political lobbying, and then shuffle over to the east side of the room for my free t-shirt...

The Great LEEP Get Together.... Just kidding!

Every year, LEEP sends a group (or two) to the Minnesota State Fair... the Great Minnesota Get Together... the eat-everything-on-a-stick-and-get-lost-in-a-crowd-of-thousands-of-people-while-walking-through-heat-rain-and-humidity  most anticipated Special Event of the summer.  Now, instead of your typical family or group of friends, add in 10 individuals with disabilities and an 18 foot passenger van and you are cruisin' LEEP style! We love our jobs at LEEP, and love it when our activities fit the recreational needs of our participants.