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Freezin' for a Reason

As Minnesotans, we have an obligation to do crazy stuff during our wonderful winters, such as, jumping into a frozen lake!  Whether it is done by a dare or by a person's Minneosta blood, there are always those great winter wonderland stories!  Guess what!!!! LEEP has a way for you to live up to the Minnesota Pride standard and it is by joining our 2016 Polar Plunge team!  We are jumping SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 at Hallet's Pond in St. Peter, MN and I am so ready to be FREEZIN' for a REASON!

Dreaded Paperwork

Imagine calling an athlete to inform them they can't participate in their sport's tournament.  I ALWAYS dread making these phone calls, especially when it is such a preventable situation.  The stress and heart-ache it gives the athletes is unnecessary.  The solution is as simple as meeting deadlines.  Meeting these deadlines with the correct paperwor that ensures safet yand participation of the athlete.  Theses froms are not meant to be busy work.

State Bowling

LEEP Bowlers visited the Brunswick Zone in Lakeville for the 2015 State Tournament, and finished the season strong.

The bus, filled with 58 bowlers and 21 coaches returned to Mankato with 7 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals, 7 Bronze medals and 38 Participation Ribbons. It was a competitive tournament, but the LEEP bowlers were very successful.

"It was pretty awesome, I did very well today and everyone did good too!"- Jessica Neumann, LEEP Athlete


State Unified VolleyballWhen you think of the word unified, what comes to mind?