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May's Healthy Tip of the Month from Daina the Dietitian

May is National Egg Month! Eggs are an “eggscelent” and healthy addition to anyone’s daily diet. To celebrate National Egg Month we are going to talk about the benefits of eggs and provide a guide on how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.

Nutrition of an Egg:

Serving: 1 egg

Dietitian Daina's January Healthy Living Tips

January is a month most people look at as a month of new beginnings. New Year resolutions are in full swing, we are all moving on from the holidays, and of course tax season is looming over the future months. All of these beginnings signify the ending of a chapter of life. It is important to spend time reflecting on the endings so that we can adequately adjust to the beginnings that are upon us. Below are some tips to do just this:

Daina's Healthy Tip and Recipe for December

The holiday season is upon us and whether you celebrate them or not, they tend to increase the stress, anxiety, and already jam packed schedules. On average America as a society is generally more stressed than the rest of the world.  Add a “holiday” in the mix and we tend to increase the level of stress to atomic levels. This article is going to introduce some great tips to help bring the focus back to what a holiday should be; fun, slow, fulfilling, and experienced.


A Day in my Life as LEEP’s Programmer

Each month we do our best to provide a wide range of exciting programming opportunities for our LEEP members including: crafts/arts, music and karaoke, social hours, movies, games, cooking/baking, healthy living, community inclusion activities, and so much more! My job as a programmer is to come up with those new, fun, and adaptable activities that attract a wide range of interests.