Gym Floor Project- Volunteer Information

Thank you so much for volunteering with the LEEP Gym Floor Project. After receiving the donation of the gymnasium floor, all the volunteer hours spent, and the local coverage of the project, LEEP will have saved over $80,000 in expenses for our future “dream building.” We could not provide programming and services without the support of our community. 

Please read this letter thoroughly before showing up for the Gym Floor Project:

Date/ Times of Project:

  • Friday, April 4, Saturday, April, 5 and Sunday, April 6, 2014.
  • Removal will begin around 8:00 am each day and will run until sundown.  

Waiver of Liability:

  • All volunteers will be expected to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival the worksite.

Meals/ Accommodations:

  • Lunch will be provided at United Lutheran Church for all volunteers. Please bring any snacks, water bottles, and other amenities you may want throughout the day.
  • Restrooms are not on site but will be accessible


  • Please wear appropriate work attire. This includes close-toed shoes, long pants/jeans, work gloves (suggest leather), and dress in layers! There is no electricity in the gymnasium, so please prepare for all weather conditions.

Tools/Equipment Needs:
If you have hammers, crowbars, or other tools you could bring with to the job site, please do so! LEEP has a limited amount of resources for all volunteers. Make sure to label any tools you bring with your name and phone number. Please see the attached donation list for suggestions regarding what tools and equipment to bring.

Volunteers Traveling from Mankato


  • Volunteers riding or carpooling with LEEP should arrive at LEEP at 6:15am. Transportation with LEEP is limited and is a first-come first-serve basis. Please call our office at 507-387-5122 to reserve your spot in the LEEP van.
  •  If you would like to depart at a different time of day, or only commit to half a day of working, please email Cate at ( Please check in upon arrival at LEEP or at the worksite.
  • Directions to Ringsted, Iowa will be passed out to all driving volunteers and can be emailed to others who aren't carpooling with LEEP.

* There will be no transportation with LEEP offered on Sunday, April 6.