Kansas City, Missouri

We loaded the vans and headed out in early June where everyone was excited to make the six hour and ten minute trek down the "City of Fountains" better known as Kansas City, Missouri. After arriving to the hotel and getting all settled in, a handful of us enjoyed some time in the swimming pool and hot tub.

On the second day we went to an outdoor shopping mall that had a few of the famous fountains. While there, a number of us bought Kansas City souvenirs. After shopping and watching a movie, we made our way to Kauffman Stadium to watch the Twins vs. Royal’s game. A couple of the guys got balls thrown to them during the batting practices before the game. Even though the Twins lost 1-0, it was still a good time!

We decided to go to the Kansas City Zoo and we attended a great bird and Sea Lion show where we got so close to the Sea Lions that we could touch them!

On the final day in Kansas City, the group decided to spend the day at the Worlds of Fun Amusement Park. Some of us participated in nearly all the big roller coasters including a ride called the Mamba. It is one of the top ten tallest roller coasters in the world! Everyone had a great time and shared lots of laughs and made so many memories!