Programs and Events

Clubs are weekly programs that focus on learning new skills such as socialization, appropriate behaviors, and independent living skills. These may include crafts, learning a new activity, or improving cooking skills.

Fall Elegance is an evening event that honors the contributions made to the Mankato community by person with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This evening includes a dinner and dance with over 600 participants.

Night Activities are loosely structured activities that promote appropriate social skills in a fun environment. These activities provide a safe and supervised place for individuals with disabilities to interact.

Special Events are one-time opportunities that provide community integration throughout the state of Minnesota and northern Iowa. These events allow participants to experience festivals, concerts, or a day trip to the zoo, which they might not otherwise be able to partake.

 Special Olympics at LEEP provides 17 sporting opportunities throughout the year, serving over 300 athletes and meeting the needs of both the beginner and more advanced athletes. This is the largest Special Olympics delegation in the state of Minnesota.

Summer Rec Program is a structured, hands-on, nine-week, full-time program that teaches teens with disabilities life-skills through a variety of recreational and leisure opportunities. The goal of the program is to help increase independence in daily living.  

Teen Rec is the newest program at LEEP. It is an after-school program that focuses on the development of lifelong skills for teens with disabilities. This program gives teens the opportunity to build new relationships, socialize and gain new recreation skills.

All- Inclusive Vacations are provided by LEEP and offer the opportunity for people with disabilities to travel and explore different cultures, food, entertainment and unforgettable sights.