R-Word T-shirts

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Orders will not be honored without payment. Cash/Checks can be dropped off or mailed to:

Attn: R-Word Shirts
929 North 4th Street
Mankato, MN 56001

2017- 2018 R-Word Shirt Fundraiser

Special Olympics Minnesota Delegations have been given a great opportunity to help raise awareness for the elimination of the R-Word. By purchasing one of these t-shirts you are not only helping to eliminate the word, you are also supporting an athlete. Shirts are $10 for 3T-XL and $12 for 2X-4X and each and must be paid for before shirts will be ordered.  Shirts will be available for pick up  at LEEP in early April.  We're sorry, shipping is not available at this time. 

$10 for shirts 3T- XL
$12 for shirts 2X-4X

On Sale through 
1st deadline: December 8, 2017
2nd deadline: February 23, 2018
3rd deadline: April 2, 2018


Take the pledge to end the use of the R-Word by visiting: www.r-word.org