2016 SOfit Information

What is SOfit?

Special Olympics Minnesota’s (SOMN) SOfit health promotion program is a Unified approach to improving and protecting health and wellness for people with and without intellectual disabilities. SOfit offers participants a comprehensive, 360 degree look at wellness and the human spirit.
Together, athletes* and Unified Partners* are empowered to challenge and change the way they look at diet, daily exercise and lifestyle choices.
*Athletes are individuals with intellectual disabilities
*Unified Partners are individuals without intellectual disabilties.

One athlete...One Unified Partner...8 Weeks... Goals Met

SOfit is an eight week Unified approach to wellness, which pairs athletes with Unified Partners. Each team will have at least one coach, who is committed to educating and guiding the athletes and Unified Partners on their respective teams to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

SOfit Aims to...

1. Guide athletes and Unified Partners to healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity and improved daily nutrition.
2. Increase participants’ knowledge about physical exercise and food nutrition (including food value, shopping best practices and meal preparation) from pre-program to post-program.
3. Allow participants to experience heightened social engagement and better emotional wellbeing as a byproduct of the inclusive nature of the program.
Participation Requirements

After an athlete has registered for participation with LEEP's delegation, they must follow these steps for participation.

  1. Participant Information Form
  2. Special Olympics Athlete Physical Form
  3. 2016  LEEP Membership
  4. Sport Fee Paid
  5. Waiver

All athletes must have a LEEP Registration Form and Special Olympic Form on file at LEEP to participate.  The Special Olympics form must be completed every three years and require a Dr. signature.  


Session Information

September 16 - November 7
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Meeting at the LEEP Rec Center


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to each session?
  • For the safety of all, athletes should wear appropriate active wear to SOfit  with tennis/gym shoes that lace up. Please be ready to begin right at 6:30 p.m.
Where is SOfit held?
  • The sessions will be held at the LEEP Rec Center. 
How will I know if SOfit is cancelled?
  • A message will be left on LEEP's Cancellation Line at 507-387-9996 announcing any changes or cancellations. Please confirm  before arriving to the facility. All cancellation decisions will be made by 2 pm on the day of the session. If ISD77 Public School activities are cancelled due to weather, ALL LEEP activities are also automatically cancelled.
​What if I am unable to afford participation fees?
LEEP does have scholarship funds available. These funds are available to any current LEEP Member that may be  having financial difficulties. Athletes must apply to recieve these funds, please contact  LEEP's Athletics Coordinator at 507-387-5122 wth quesitons. 


  • Tobacco products are prohibited by Special Olympics and there is absolutely no smoking on school grounds.  If you do feel the need to use these products, please do so before you arrive or after you leave the facility.  
  • LEEP is not responsible for supervision of participants before or after designated practice times so it is important that your transportation rides are on time. Thank you!


If you have any questions please contact the LEEP Office 507-387-5122 or
by email at