Special Olympics Aquatics


LEEP Special Olympics Aquatics (Swimming) is a great sport for everyone of all skill levels.  Aquatics, unlike other sports, is a life skill that is taught, first, to ensure safety and, secondly, for sports and competition purposes.  Aquatics covers a great variety of swimming skills, from short sprints to longer events and relays, perfect for all ages and ability levels.

No matter what your skill level is, LEEP will help you improve throughout the swimming season.

Practice Information


Practices will always be held at Mankato East High School pool, located off Hoffman Road.  For swimming practices, please enter the school on the east side of the building through the locker rooms for convenience purposes. 


Forms and Fees


All athletes must have a LEEP Registration Form and Special Olympic Form on file at LEEP to participate.  The Special Olympics form must be completed every three years.  These forms can sometimes take time to complete because they do require a physician’s signature and athletes are not able to participate without them.  If you are not sure if you have these forms completed, please call LEEP at 507-387-5122.  All registration fees and membership fees must be paid by the FIRST day of practice, or athletes will receive a $5 late fee.  Athletes will not be able to attend the Area Special Olympics Tournament unless their fees have been paid. If an athlete is having financial difficulties, LEEP does have some scholarship funds available. Please contact Amanda at 507-387-5122.

What to Wear?


LEEP does not have an official Special Olympics uniform for aquatics. We suggest one piece swimsuits for females and for males we suggest a drawstring tie waistband.  Swim caps and goggles are optional. All athletes should be dressed and ready to start promptly at 6:30 p.m.  We only have an hour each practice and will be starting practice promptly at 6:30 pm. 



Due to Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, LEEP is very cautious.  Should we cancel a practice, we will leave a message on LEEP’s cancellation voicemail 507-387-9996 announcing any changes or cancellations.

Please confirm practices before arriving to the facility. With this policy athletes will no longer be receiving individual calls to be notified of cancelled practices!! All cancellation decisions will be made by 1:00 pm on the day of practice.

*If ISD77 public school activities are canceled due to weather, all LEEP practices are also automatically cancelled.*

Tournament Information


Area Tournament

The Area 9 Special Olympics competition is usually in mid February and held at Gustavus Adolphus College located in St. Peter. The tournament is not required but it is important to note that athletes must attend the area competition in order to qualify for the state tournament.

State Tournament


The State Competition for Special Olympics is held in late March each year.  Unfortunately, not all swimmers are eligible to attend the State Competition.






Special Olympics practices are held at a school facility.  Tobacco products are prohibited by Special Olympics and there is absolutely no smoking on school grounds.  If you do feel the need to use these products, please do so before you arrive or after you leave the facility.

LEEP is not responsible for supervision of participants before or after designated practice times so it is important that your transportation rides are on time. Thank you!



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If you have any questions please contact the LEEP Office 507-387-5122 or
by email at info@mankatoleep.org.