Special Olympics Volunteer Coaching


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  3. Take the Level 1 Certification
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  5. Coaching Evaluation

Looking for a great volunteer experience? As a Special Olympics Volunteer with LEEP you'll work closely with our Special Olympics Coordinator and LEEP Staff members to ensure our athletes are successful in each sport offered.

2019 Current Opportunities
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Volunteer Duties 
  • Coaching a team or individual
  • Organizing and facilitating pracitce
  • Running drills
  • Much, much more!

What is a Unified Partner? 

Unified sports are defined by Special Olympics as, “Unified Sports® combine athletes with and without disabilities (Unified Partner) on the same team. By participating together, athletes and Unified Partners improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills, challenge the competition and overcome prejudices about intellectual disabilities.” 

Future Opportunities

  • Basketball Coaches/Unified Partners: March - June 
  • Swimming Coaches: March - June 
  • Track & Field Coaches: April - June 
  • Softball Coaches/Unified Partners: June/ July - September 
  • Bocce Ball Coaches: June/ July - September 
  • Golf Coaches: June/ July - September 
  • Flag Football Unified Partners: August - October 
  • Bowling Coaches: September - November 

For more information please email: athletics@manktoleep.org or call 507-387-5122