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"My favorite part of volunteering at LEEP is the relationships I have formed with the participants. I love the special bonds I have with each of them. It makes my day when I come to practice and an athlete runs up to me to tell me about their day or something exciting that happened to them that week.

My goal is to continue to work with Special Olympics organizations like LEEP and continue to make a difference in the participants' lives. I would also like to help raise awareness in the community about organizations like LEEP so that they can get more recognition and funding to keep doing all of the amazing things they do for participants!"                                                                                  

- Volunteer, Maddie

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General Programming 

We Need You! 

LEEP Programming is hopping almost every day. We're always looking for individuals willing to jump in and help us provide quality programming for our participants. Opportunities can include: Bingo, karaoke, jewelry making, Special Events around the area and so much more! Follow the Steps to Becoming a Volunteer below. 

Further questions, please contact: programs@mankatoleep.org or by phone: 507-387-5122


Newsletter Folding

 Each month we send out our Newsletter to almost 700 participants and their families. A job this big can't be completed alone! Come to the LEEP office for a relaxing hour and half of folding and tabbing newsletters



Newsletter Folding takes place in the  LEEP Board Room, located at 929 N 4th St. Mankato, MN 56001


Special Olympics Opportunities

Join the LEEP Team.

Become a Special Olympics Coach.

As a Special Olympics Coach you will be working closely with our Athletics Manager and staff to assist with coaching your team, organizing and facilitating practices, running drills, and much more! All that is required is passion for helping individuals reach their full potential! Is "Coach" a good name for you?
What makes the Unified Special Olympics program really unique is that it combines athletes with and without disabilities to compete on the same team. As a Unified Partner you would be playing side-by-side with our LEEP athletes! By participating together, athletes and Unified Partners improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills, challenge the competition, and overcome prejudices about intellectual disabilities. Are you ready to #PlayUnified?
Coaches and Unified Partners do not need to have experience playing or coaching, but need to be quick thinkers, open to learning, and eager to develop athletes, both on and off, the court!
*Practices and tournaments are mandatory for coaches.  There are certain rules and Coach to athlete ratios that need to be met for teams to compete in Special Olympics, so please make sure that the two schedules align before committing.

Becoming a Coach is Easy!

Start filling out the Special Olympics Volunteer Application and contact LEEP if you are interested: Email athletics@mankatoleep.orgor call 507-387-5122

How to Volunteer with LEEP

LEEP Volunteers enhance the lives of individuals in the greater Mankato area by providing equal opportunities in recreation. Your participation and dedication to the LEEP mission will help individuals with intellectual disabilities enjoy live, build relationships, and learn essential life skills. Becoming a volunteer is easy, and will make a lasting impression on you and our members. Let's get started...

Step 1: Applying

First, you must complete our  application. Please fill out your application completely, and make sure to list any relevant experience, hobbies, and interests. Our staff at LEEP makes sure to invite volunteers of the best quality to give our members the greatest experience possible.

*If you are looking to become a volunteer Special Olympics Coach/Assistant Coach, please CLICK HERE!*


Step 2: Orientation

After filling out your application, LEEP will contact you. We have a limited number of volunteer spots for each event, so make sure to stay in contact with our office if you need assistance or a specific number of hours. 

All Service Learners must attend a LEEP Volunteer Orientation or Pre-Season meeting before volunteering with our programs.  Most orientations happen every 3-4 months. Occassionally, LEEP will have one time volunteer opportunities that Service Learners can attend without going through a background check and orientation. 
Step 3: Background Checks
All LEEP Volunteers are required to submit proof of background check clearance within 60 days prior to volunteering at LEEP, or complete one with our office. This is because we are serving a vulnerable population, and is required by the state of Minnesota.

For more information on how to obtain a background check with LEEP, please contact us at info@mankatoleep.org or call our office at 507-387-5122. Special Olympics Coaches will receive background checks through their application process and do not need to complete one through LEEP. Volunteers may NOT begin until this step is complete!


Step 4: Shifts & Paperwork

Upon completing Orientation at LEEP, you will receive an hours log, service contract, and access code for the LEEP volunteer sign-up website. All volunteer sign-ups are online. If you need to sign-up without the use of a computer or electronic device, please contact us at info@mankatoleep.org.

You can view all of the LEEP activities online by visiting our newsletter page. Any of the classes, night activities, or special events which need volunteers will be available on the volunteer sign up. Once completing orientation, you will also be added to our Volunteer E-News. This e-news goes out monthly and has the most current volunteer information including our Volunteer of the Month, Fundraisers, and more!


Volunteer E-News

Stay up-to-date with volunteer news, exciting opportunities, cool events, and much more by signing up for "In the Loop with LEEP"! It's a volunteer newsletter that you will actually WANT to read!