Wish List

To continue providing quality of care for our participants, there will always be ongoing need for support from our community partners. If you, or your business are interested in donating to LEEP please contact:

Lisa Hoffman Wojcik - Executive Director

phone: 507-387-5122



  • Event Tickets - LEEP participants love attending plays, concerts, festivals and cheering for their home teams. 
  • Bingo Prizes – Bingo is one of LEEP’s most popular activities for LEEP participants to take part in. Promotional items are the perfect prize for any winner!
  • Gift Cards- Hy Vee, Sam's Club, Wal Mart, Michael's, restaurants. 
  • Art supplies- paint brushes, canvas, paint, paper, scissors, crayons, markers, cardstock, modge podge, glue, tape,  and anything that can help participants explore their creative side.
  • Plastic dinnerware for cooking classes for BIG LEEP picnics coming up this summer!
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies -  help save LEEP some money by supplying the basics.
  • New sports equipment - LEEP has over 300 athletes and provides 17 teams with gear to compete in Special Olympics and learn new sports through LEEP Leagues.
  • Practice Jerseys
  • First Aid Equipment - band-aids, ice packs, athletic tape, alcohol swabs, 
  • Mini- Van – LEEP’s number 1 request is transportation to and from all LEEP activities including; Sports practices, Night Activities, Classes, Teen Rec and weekend adventures.  Help LEEP enable more participants to take part in more activities
  • Airline Miles for LEEP Vacations- LEEP sent over 100 people around the world through vacations in 2016. They provide individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to see the world with No Limits!


  • New Stairs- Time and weather have taken a toll on our stairs and they are in need of being replaced  
  • Space Heaters- Rec Center is very cold during the winter months.
  • New flooring - for the Rec Center, building was built in 1928 and needs some TLC.
  •  Landscaping, help beautify the outside of the LEEP building. 
  • Shelving and Storage
  • Portable Signs and Table displays- LEEP attends over 100 fairs, events and meetings every year to recruit new members and talk about the services we provide. If you or your business can help us display LEEP’s information beautifully. (examples- 8ft table cloth with LEEP logo printed, pop up signs, etc.)
  • New, efficient windows


  • Computers and Tablets
  • Website Upgrade